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Align, Plan & Organize

Encompasses all strategy- and related governance elements of an IT organization. Project management is of generic nature and can be applied to any activity or service across organizations. Maturity assessments and quality reviews round off our instruments.

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Build, Aquire & Implement

Deals with the actual deployment of business applications, solution- and interface design between systems and applications, as well as their rollout to other SBU’s, geographies, etc.

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Deliver Services & Support

Improves services related to keeping IT operations up and running. IT Service Management is clearly the driver. Facilitating services are available in respect to application management and off-shoring services.

Welcome to High-Impact IT Consulting:

Young in Age, but rich in Experiences

Delta Evolutions has been founded in 2009 as a boutique consultancy firm strategically located in the heart of Asia Pacific with the focus to literally make an impact on clients’ IT endeavors, particularly in the space of SAP-related business applications and system integration projects.

Our consultants possess considerable international exposure to project engagements of various types, sizes, and in different sectors. Previous experiences in industries and technology fields as well as long-standing consulting knowledge provide the necessary mix of skills to our clients.

We perceive ourselves as the a pragmatic, skill-full bridge between Western (US, Europe) and Eastern (Asia Pacific) business and IT environments, knowing very well how significant cross-cultural issues can impact the successful execution of a project.

The motivation of focusing on high-impact, high-value is born out of the experience at dozens of small, middle, and large scale IT engagements, where the biggest influence over success or failure of a project usually lies not in the accumulated technical knowledge of teams and people, but rather in the management of processes that turn knowledge into value – or to be more precise: in the individuals that are chartered to manage this transformation process.

Numerous empirical studies show that the #1 reason for project failure is not the wrong asset selection (packaged application vs. custom build, in-sourcing vs. out-sourcing etc.) but a failure in IT strategy execution and: missing discipline in project management.

Often underestimated factors are:

  • A clear articulation of desired outcomes
    (How does a pragmatic business case look like? You actually can’t really manage what you do not measure. Where's the journey going to?)
  • Fact-based reasoning and pro-active communication
    (Stake holder expectations that are not actively managed and tend to hurt you rather sooner than later.)
  • Realistic assessment of change resistances
    (How long does it take to actually ‘unlearn’ established practices? Do we really know where we are today?)
  • Sensible approach in selectively applying ‘best practice’ methods
    (Are they really the ‘best’ known practices? How do you still get a competitive advantage out of them? How do we do a transformation?)

At Delta Evolutions, we do not perceive following IT-management methods or standards as a dry or dogmatic practice, but rather as an important differentiator and contributor to success (option value, that is). Hence, we take an integrated approach of looking at IT challenges.

In our portfolio you can discover a number of highly practical and valuable services that we have conducted successfully at our clients.

The Intersection of Business & IT:

IT as an (Option) Value Investment

Why are some enterprises better than others at leveraging the implementation of – let’s say – a packaged ERP suite? How is it that some companies succeed in outsourcing complete IT departments to off-shoring partners where others fail to harvest its benefits? Isn’t it odd that so many promising programs and projects fail even though the applied assets (software packages, infrastructure etc.) are considered standard components or even pure commodity?

Generic placeholder image At Delta Evolutions we look at each IT endeavor as an investment with an option value. In that sense, any IT investment has similar characteristics to traded financial instruments ('call options').

There are no 'IT projects', there are only business projects. IT is a means to an end: creating business value. And value-add tends to lie in the eye of the beholder, in almost all cases: The business organization.

The issue with most projects however is a misalignment of expectations particularly in expressing business payoffs in a realistic manner (=
Business Plans/Cases), an underestimation of change resistance (= Change Impact Management) or simply an unsuitable definition / incomplete management of scope (= Project Management).

To highlight some selected aspects:

  • Enterprise architecture management often is a misunderstood but very powerful method (and philosophy) in bringing IT and business together; a set of activities that do not simply stop somewhere but require a solid instantiation via IT strategy & governance policies that cover the entire lifecycle.
  • Executing a given business plan to deliver desired business value is the objective of project management, which inevitably has to look at managing risks and change impacts as two frequently overlooked but tremendously important aspects. Many projects default on this dimension. One of our core expertise here is in system integration of SAP-related solutions and the connectivity to and/or replacement of legacy environments.
  • Understanding where one's IT core competencies lie, defining corresponding service processes, and to manage a possible transfer of identified risks (i.e. outsource) to a suitable partner is the target of IT service management. A huge potential is often not realized in this field; structurally managing the performance of an IT operation can have significant benefits for the way business organizations perceive the value of IT.

As you can see, at Delta Evolutions we focus on services of high-impact, high-value. Still, we realize that it is better to think big, but to start small; boiling the ocean is never a suitable approach. We engage with our clients in pragmatic but still comprehensive ways of working.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to let us help you in crafting solutions for today's and future challenges.

IT Governance:

Setting the right Directions

Certainly the most important aspect of any operation is to set an appropriate trajectory ('if you do not know, where to go, any route will lead you there').

Our services in this category are ranging from:

  • Formulating and implementing IT strategy derived from business strategies (priorities from business scorecard e.g.)
  • Creating and instantiating IT governance frameworks and processes that ensure compliance with international standards and allow for performance measurement (IT scorecard linked to business scorecard e.g.)

Utilizing respective best practice methods and concepts (CoBIT, VAL IT, TOGAF, ITIL, PMBoK, PRINCE2 etc.) in a selective manner allows our associates to deliver results that are in line with the highest expectations of our clients.

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Portfolio, Program & Project Management:

Discipline is Key!

Once the direction has been set and everyone is aligned towards a common objective, executing those projects becomes the target.

Managing portfolios, programs, and their respective projects across the content spectrum, incl. business case crafting.

Eventually, a solution deployed at one SBU, plant, country or any other level might require deployment to other entities. With our international exposure to multi-site project and program management in rollout scenarios, Delta Evolutions is the right partner to manage those tasks efficiently.

Our project management methodology allows for a structured execution of project activities.

We follow the recommendation of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as the most relevant body to set international standard for project management process. At the same time, we are flexible to tailor management processes according to particular client and project requirements - what matters is what works.

Deliverables are clearly outlined at each phase gate, and structured quality review and sign-offs are incorporated.

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Assessment & Review:

As in any re-engineering endeavor, you first want to know, what your target looks like. Focusing too much on the status quo will not allow you to remain a clear mind about the future vision that you like to pursue. Crafting that vision is the most difficult portion that any business and IT executive has to master – particularly in times of uncertainty (which, well, is the new normal).

Reshape the Future

Delta Evolutions helps you in incorporation industry trends and working practices, considering corporate and national cultures of your corporation etc. to build feasible and attainable future architectures.

The following elements are typical elements of our services in this domain:

  • IT Strategy & Business Case Crafting
  • IT Management Process Maturity Assessments
  • EA Vision & Governance
  • IT Service Management Alignment

The objective is to build, assess, and/or argue the readiness and maturity of a target architecture.

Take Inventory

Assuming, that the vision is clear to a satisfying extent, it becomes crucial to realistically assess, where an organization stands today. The gap that needs to be bridged can be enormous, particularly if organization assets (previous experience with similar endeavors e.g.) are not available.

We allow our clients to get a clear picture of various elements of their organizational environment by assessing, mapping, and visualizing their existing universe:

  • Organizational Entities
  • Business Scenarios and Processes
  • Business Applications
  • IT Systems
  • Interfaces
  • Infrastructure

Objective is to map the current state with their respective usages (multi-layer) in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

Transform to Vision

The vision of a future architecture and the current status-quo are the two major stepping stones via which we build transformation roadmaps for our clients. The important issue is to structure streams of change that can be achieved in the particular organizational context.

Hence, we tend to look after the following elements:

  • Portfolio Management Consistency Planning
  • Program, Project, Change Management
    Quality Review
  • Rollout Planning Check
  • SAP Business System Integration & Solution Review

Ensure a high-quality planning & execution of the path of transformation is the objective.

Business Systems Integration:

Where the Rubber hits the Road

We offer a wide range of experiences in respect to the implementation of SAP-related business applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP R/3 and SAP ERP), Supply Chain Management (SAP APO and SAP SCM), or Business Intelligence (SAP BI/BW) applications, Fiori, SuccessFactors.

Since there seldom is a clear ‘one vendor-only’ strategy, multiple applications have to be looked after as a portfolio. Integrating SAP-related business applications to for instance Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or non-SAP solutions like CRM, HCM etc. are quite common. We possess significant experience in dealing with these challenges, particularly if viewed in a context of an overall enterprise architecture design.

IT Services Management:

Keeping IT Services on Target

IT operations is often perceived as the backend of an IT organization. However, it’s here where IT has to ensure that promises are kept on a daily basis, users’ issues considered and expectations met so business value is created continuously.

A large amount of IT budgets tends to get captured in keeping the existing systems, applications, and process (legacy?) up-and-running. Managing those complex relationships as well as the links between business and IT is the job of an integrated IT service management architecture (ITSM).

This field offers significant optimization potential particularly if organizations have grown by mergers and acquisitions and/or are growing fast organically.

Delta Evolutions
offers organizations concepts and roadmaps of how to analyze, design, and transform their current state of affairs towards ‘future-proof’ scenarios. Bringing our experiences in enterprise architecture, project management, and service management together makes a significant difference. Our services are aligned to internationally recognized standards and best practices such as ITIL v3, ISO 20000.

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Even though we are strategically located in the heart of Asia Pacific in Singapore, our associates are internationally experienced and mobile worldwide, hence are certainly available to engagements beyond Asian countries:

Our clients' IT challenges tend to not stop at geographic boundaries, our consulting practice, attitude, and experience doesn't either.

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